Swing Design

Swing Design – Is a comprehensive course that really helps us understand the thumbprint of the hitter by using our technology (Kvest, Boditrak, Blast, Hittrax and Video). This gives us an in-depth understanding of what the hitter does well and what they are deficient at. This allows us to formulate a plan so the hitter can attack all winter long. This also includes a bat speed program.


Swing Design Options

  • 1 time assessment

  • 12 weeks – 2 times

  • 18 weeks – 3 times


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HitTrax Small Group w/ Hitting Video Analysis (6 Player Max)

This class uses film breaking down the swing which gives us a better idea about who the hitter is. Sophisticated reports are generated by the Hittrax on things such as point of contact, exit velocity, spray charts, hot and cold zone charts, and  exit angle angle and more. These reports let us know what type of hitter your son is and what we need to do to help him be a better version of himself.

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  • 6 weeks

  • 12 weeks

  • 18 weeks


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Hitting Video Analysis Program

This course identifies what the players’ flaws are by looking for “the Big 13 Inhibitors” while using high speed cameras from three different angles. We then formulate a strategy to help the player grow, reassessing daily as we check for progress. We help prescribe movements, drills and exercises that then will effectively help them make change in their swing. 


  • 1 time video assessment

  • 6 weeks

  • 12 weeks

  • 18 weeks


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Online Hitting Video Analysis Program

This course is the same as hitting video analytics, it is just done remotely. We will lay out the hitters inefficiencies and prescribe drills that help with their particular flaws. We do have contact with the athlete over Zoom calls to help guide them through the process. 


  • 1 time video assessment 

  • 6 weeks

  • 12 weeks

  • 18 weeks


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Hitting Sparring Club

This is a club for batters looking to become hitters!!

Brand new to Baseball Metrix and Bridge Box making us the only Company in the State that has a I Hack Attack Pitching Machine. Our players will have real at bats, just like in game. This machine will pitch different sequence just like a pitcher. They are either programmable or you can have someone making the pitch decisions. See it in action here....



Fast machines, curveball machine, slider machine, change-up machine, short box, short pen, and live arms. At times sparring club will use hittrax. 


Learn pitch recognition, how to compete and  mentally get after it.


Monthly Membership: (Days per week) *monthly cost

  • 1 Day: $100 ($25 per session)

  • 2 Day: $150 ($18.75 per session)

  • 3 Day: $200 ($16.66 per session)

  • 4 Day: $225 ($14.06 per session)

  • 5 Day: $250 ($12.50 per session)


*Ask About The Sparring Club Discount If You Want To Do Both Hitting And Pitching Sparring Club 

*Call Or Email To Enroll


HitTrax League
  •  7 week season with each team playing (2) games every Thursday or Saturday. (Please request other days if they work better. We will work with teams as best as we can. 

  • The last week is a single elimination tournament with regular season determining seeding.

  •  6 inning games limited to 25 minutes per game

  • All ages are welcomed as the computer system can fairly have a 14u team compete against a 12u team by assigning their appropriate size field and defense. It’s our goal to build out age divisions. 8-11, 12-14 and 15 & up

  • $99 per player based on 6 players (or $594 per team)

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