Baseball Metrix is home to some of the most advanced technologies currently available in baseball training. Our facility features Rapsodo, HitTrax, Blast Motion, BodiTrak, K-Vest, and more. Below you will find a brief description of each technology and what they are used for.


Rapsodo is a camera and radar based instrument used by pitchers to measure, record, and evaluate pitch flight. This instrument can record pitch velocity, ball spin, rotation axis, vertical and horizontal break, and more. Rapsodo has become commonplace in training settings for MLB organizations throughout all levels. 

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HitTrax is a batted ball tracking system that can measure exit velocity, pitch location, contact point, launch angle, projected distance travelled, and more. It is a very useful instrument for indoor facilities in areas that experience inclement weather, such as Wisconsin, to allow hitters to experience the feedback of ball flight, any time of year.

Blast Motion

Blast Motion is a bat sensor placed on the knob of a hitter's bat. This instrument tracks every movement of the bat, and can provide valuable information on swing path tendencies, which a coach or hitter can use to monitor and effectively clean up movements in the swing to become more a more efficient hitter.

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BodiTrak is a force-plate mat that measures and displays forces put into the ground during hitting or pitching. This can provide very useful information to an athlete or coach to move more efficiently, or discover force issues caused by strength or movement inefficiencies


K-Vest is a kinematic sequence marker system. K-Vest is used by over 20 MLB clubs. Understanding how the segments of the body interact with one another is critical when coaching hitters and pitchers. The movement happens so fast that our eyes can deceive us, and that’s why K-Baseball is so valuable. K-Baseball gives us objective kinematic data that we can then use to make our hitters better.

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4D Motion

4D Motion is another kinematic sequence marking system that allows us to do the same with our pitchers/throwers and hitters. We can now see how our throwers and hitters sequence their bodies and it gives us objective information to take the guesswork out of helping players make changes. 

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